Sherwin-Williams Return Policy Explained

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Short Answer — Sherwin-Williams allows you to return paint that isn’t tinted or used, as well as new-in-package paint supplies. You have 30 days to make a return. Special orders and tinted or custom paint are not returnable at Sherwin-Williams.

Sherwin-Williams Return Policy

Sherwin-Williams allows you to return most items within 30 days of purchase. Returns should be in the original, unopened condition, and you should bring the original purchase receipt, your credit or debit card, and a current photo ID.[1][2]

We contacted Sherwin-Williams stores in California, Colorado, Maine, Michigan, North Carolina, and Texas to confirm the details of the return policy.

We were told that the policy applies to both interior and exterior paint (with some exceptions, noted below) as well as additional supplies like rollers and sandpaper.

Non-Returnable Items at Sherwin-Williams

Some items purchasable from Sherwin-Williams can’t be returned.

Not-returnable items include:

  • Special order paint
  • All custom paints
  • Tinted paint
  • Any item that has been opened or used
  • Any item marked by Sherwin-Williams as non-returnable

Note that if a paint can has been opened but is not used, it is at the discretion of the store manager to approve the return or not.[1]

Returns With No Receipt or After 30 Days

Returns that do not include the original proof of purchase or have exceeded the 30-day return window may be denied at the discretion of the store manager.

Defective Items

Sherwin-Williams offers a 90-day limited warranty period; any defective item can be returned or exchanged at Sherwin-Williams for a replacement or a refund of the purchase price within 90 days.[1][3]

Defective items are subject to inspection upon return; your refund or replacement will be processed once the item is verified as defective.

You will need your original receipt, ID, and (if you want a refund rather than a replacement) your original form of payment.[3]

Return Process

Take your item(s), receipt, ID, and credit or debit card to the closest Sherwin-Williams location. Returns are available any time during normal store hours and are tracked using an automated tracking system.

Your refund will be to the original method of payment.[2]

Return Process for Online Orders

When customers place an online order, it is filled by a local store, store associates said. The customer then picks up the order at the store, or it is delivered by the store.

If you order paint or other supplies online and decide to return them, your return will be subject to the standard store return policy.[3]

It is up to you, as the customer, to arrange for delivery back to your local store or drop the items off yourself. Sherwin-Williams will not reimburse return delivery expenses.

It may take up to about four days or more for a credit or debit card purchase to be refunded back to you once the retail store accepts the return.[3]

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