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Short Answer — Walmart allows returns of most online purchases within 90 days. You can return Walmart online orders to stores or ship them back. However, certain items have shorter return periods, and third-party marketplace items have separate return policies.

Walmart Online Return Policy

The Walmart online order return policy allows returns for most items within 90 days when accompanied by the original packaging and accessories.[1] You can return orders by mail or at any Walmart store.

There usually are no restocking fees when you return an online order, though you may need to pay for freight shipping when returning an oversized item by mail.[2]

Walmart does not offer an extended return period for credit card account holders. Additionally, certain items are not returnable or have shorter return periods.

Notable exceptions are most consumer electronics, which come with a 30-day return window.

Reasons for Return

You can return an online item to Walmart for any reason, whether it is defective or you simply decided that you do not want it. The return policy is generally the same regardless of your reason for return.

However, if you return the item by mail, you will need to select a reason for return before printing your return label.

For defective items, note that you can choose to receive either a refund or a replacement.[1] The best way to get a replacement is to request one by mail; in-store replacement will depend on item availability at the time that you visit the store to complete your return.

Returns to a Walmart Store

Most online orders are eligible for in-store returns, including oversized items. Bring the item, proof of purchase, and the card you paid with to the customer service desk and let the associate know that you ordered the item online.

Note that jewelry and watches valued at $300 or over and many third-party marketplace items are only returnable by mail.[1]

Packaging Requirements

You do not need to bring the box your order shipped in, but your return does need to include the item’s original packaging and accessories. See more information about Walmart’s return policy for opened items.

Proof of Purchase

When returning an online item to a store, you can provide your packing slip as proof of purchase. The associate can also look up your order using your email address. See our related research for the details about returning items to Walmart without a receipt.

For quicker service, you can start your return by scanning your packing slip in the Walmart app. This will allow you to join the Express customer service line. The app will generate a QR code, which the associate will then scan to process your return.[1]

Returns by Mail

To start a mail return, log in to your account and view your order history. Since your account stores your purchase history, you do not need to upload additional proof of purchase.

Find the item you want to return in your order history and select “Return by Mail.” You will then need to choose a reason for the return, decide whether you would like a refund or replacement, and print the return label.


Walmart will not provide a new box when you mail in a return, but you can reuse the shipping box from your delivery.

You also need to include the item’s original packaging and all of its accessories with the return.[1]

Return Labels

For most Walmart online returns, Walmart will provide a free return shipping label through USPS or FedEx.

You may be responsible for paying the return shipping on oversized items that require freight shipping.[1] Walmart determines who is responsible for these charges on a case-by-case basis.

If you are returning a large piece of furniture or an appliance, you will need to contact the customer service department at (800) 925-6278 to arrange the shipment and find out the shipping cost.

Returning Multiple Items

If you would like to return multiple items from the same original order, you can select all of the items when initiating your return online. Then, you will need to package the items in the same box, and Walmart will provide a single shipping label.[1]

If you would like to return multiple items but you originally ordered them separately, you will need to print separate shipping labels and package them in different boxes. The shipping labels will still be free of charge.[1] Marketplace Returns

Third-party Marketplace sellers set their own return policies.[3] The seller may allow you to drop off your return at a Walmart store, but some Marketplace items are only returnable by mail.

You can find out the return options for your marketplace purchases in your account or by contacting the customer service department.

Walmart Online Refund Process

Whether you make your return at a Walmart store or by mail, Walmart will issue your refund to the original method of payment, unless the item is past its return period. After the usual return period, Walmart may deny the return or issue your refund as a store credit.

Your Walmart online order refund will not include the original shipping charges.

Returns by mail take about two to three weeks to process. Your refund should be available within five business days after Walmart accepts the return.[1]

Walmart will issue your refund immediately when you return an online item directly to a store; however, it may still take up to five business days for your bank or credit card issuer to process the refund.

Customer Service Contact Information

To arrange freight shipping, find out more about a third-party return policy, or get more assistance with a Walmart online return, you can contact Walmart customer service.

The Walmart online returns phone number is the same as its regular customer service number: (800) 925-6278. Customer service agents are also available by live chat and email at Walmart’s website.

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