Vons Return Policy Explained

Like most grocery stores, Vons allows returns, but has certain restrictions you should know before attempting a return.

Knowing what to expect -- such as which items qualify for return and how long you have to make a return -- can help you feel prepared and may save you time.

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You can generally make returns at Vons within 30 days of purchase. However, it’s best to have your receipt on hand, and there are a few items (like alcohol) that aren’t returnable.[1][2]

I detail the Vons return policy and answer additional questions about making returns at Vons below.

Vons Return Policy

Vons accepts returns for most items within 30 days of purchase.[1][2]

There are a few items you can’t return, including alcohol, tobacco, and baby formula.[3][1]

I confirmed this by contacting Vons stores in California and Nevada, as well as corporate customer service representatives.


It’s always best to have a receipt when making a return to Vons. With the receipt, you can receive a refund to the same form of payment you used when making the purchase.[1][2]

However, if you don’t have a receipt, you may still be able to make a return. This is at the discretion of each location; the store may issue a refund as a store credit or a gift card.[1]

Vons doesn’t typically require you to provide an ID when making a return. However, some locations may ask for one, depending on what you’re returning.[1]

Receipt Lookup

All but one of the Vons stores I contacted report that they can look up receipts issued in the last seven days if you made the purchase with a debit or credit card.[1]

Alternatively, if you’re a Vons for U member, you can keep track of your Vons purchases and review digital receipts in the Vons Deals & Delivery app.[1][2][4]

To find a receipt, tap “Member” in the app, then “Wallet,” “Your receipts and contactless pay,” and “Receipts.” You’ll see a list of your recent receipts and can select the date of the receipt you need.[2]

Tip: The above return policy applies to all Albertsons-owned stores (including Safeway and Pavilion), so you can refer to its details if you need to make a return at any of these grocers. However, note that you can’t return items to a different store (for example, returning an item from Vons to Safeway).[1][2]

Find out more about the Albertsons return policy.


Is the Vons return policy the same for curbside pickup and home delivery?

Yes, its return policy is the same for in-store purchases, curbside pickup, and home delivery.[1][2]

Can I return Vons Marketplace items in-store?

No, Vons doesn’t accept Marketplace returns in stores. You’ll have to contact Vons Customer Support at (877) 505-4040 to make these returns.[5]

Are delivery fees refundable?

Delivery fees are not generally refundable at Vons. However, if you didn’t receive the order, Vons will redeliver.[1][2]

In Summary

You can make returns at Vons within 30 days of purchase with a receipt.[1][2]

Vons may accept your return without a receipt, though you’ll likely receive refunds as a store credit or on a gift card.[1][2]

Most Vons stores can look up your receipt using your debit or credit card number for purchases made in the last seven days or you can look them up yourself in the Vons Deals & Delivery app.[1][2]

Keep in mind that there are a few items you can’t return, such as alcohol and tobacco.[1][2]

You can use the comments section below to ask any additional questions you may have or to share your own experiences making returns at your local Vons.

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