Walmart Bike Return Policy Explained

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Short Answer — Walmart allows returns of most bikes within 90 days of purchase, with or without the receipt. Without the receipt, however, your refund will be in the form of store credit. Dirt bikes and gas-powered bikes are not eligible for return, and you must return an electric bike within 30 days.

Walmart Bike Return Policy

Walmart allows returns for bikes purchased in-store or online. You have 90 days to return a bike with the original packaging, but a receipt isn’t required, according to Walmart’s standard return policy.

The main exceptions to this policy include:

Keep in mind that returns are at the discretion of the store manager; Walmart may process some returns after 90 days.

Non-Receipted Bike Returns

Our related research explains how to make a Walmart return without a receipt. If the bike was a gift, you can use the gift receipt or purchaser’s email and the packing slip (if purchased online) as proof of purchase. With proof of purchase, you will receive a refund to the original payment method.

Without proof of purchase, you will need a photo ID to make a return, and Walmart will process the return through its refund verification system. If the verification system accepts your return, you will receive your refund as store credit.[2]

In-Store Bike Returns

To return a bike at a Walmart store — whether purchased in-store or online — simply take it to customer service during working hours.

Be sure to include the box (if the bike came in any sort of packaging), as well as any additional parts or accessories that came with the bike.[2]

Bike Returns by Mail

You can return a bike purchased from in stores or by mail. To return a bike by mail, select the “Return by Mail” option in your online account and print the free return shipping label, then securely box the bike and ship it back or set up a carrier pick-up.

You may also be able to arrange free pick-up through each carrier Walmart uses: FedEx, UPS, or USPS. Once your return shipping label prints, you can check to see if you can schedule a pick-up with the carrier online or by phone.

You will get your refund once Walmart receives the bike and an associate confirms the returned bike is the correct make and model. You will not receive a refund for the original shipping charges (as previously reported).

If your bike is from a Marketplace seller, you will need to follow the seller’s return process. You can call (800) 925-6278 for a Walmart customer service associate to assist you with a return shipping label for a Marketplace purchase.

Bike Warranty Cancellation

If you purchased a warranty for your new bike and need to return the bike, our article explains how to cancel the Walmart bike warranty.

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