Disney Gift Cards at Walmart: Availability, Amounts, etc

Walmart sells Disney gift cards in-store but not online. Disney gift card availability and denominations vary by store location, but they are typically available in amounts of $25 or $50. For more information on buying Disney gift cards, see below.

Can You Buy Disney Gift Cards at Walmart?

Walmart sells Disney gift cards in-store, but you should contact your local Walmart for current availability, a corporate customer service representative said. We also spoke to Walmart store associates at various locations in several different states to confirm this information. Disney gift cards are typically available in amounts of $25 or $50. There are no purchase or activation fees and the gift card amount never expires. Gift cards can be purchased using cash, debit cards, credit cards, Walmart gift cards, and Walmart Pay. Disney gift cards are not available on Walmart.com.

Disney gift cards can be used at Disney parks and resorts, on Disney Cruises, at the Disney Store, and at ShopDisney.com. You can register your Disney gift card for free online. Registration allows you to check and transfer card balances. Balance transfers are particularly helpful if you are planning a visit to a Disney park and want to collect gift card amounts on to a single card.

In Summary

You can purchase Disney gift cards at Walmart. Wondering where else you can buy Disney gift cards? We have the list of places that sell Disney gift cards in our article on Costco’s store policy on Disney gift cards.

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