In order to save money, you have to want to save money. To help you change your mindset consider: 1.) It’s easier to save money than spend it and 2.) If you want to reach your goals, you’ll have to make it a priority to save money instead of spending it.

Early on, I discovered life is more enjoyable when you’re a saver rather than a spender.

I remember one day sitting in my sister’s bedroom as she was decorating. I was seven; she was nine. I remember our ages because as we spoke, she was hanging a poster of the just-released Volkswagen New Beetle. The car was black and the poster was tie-dye. That car was every girls’ dream back in 1997. She had just bought an armful of random things from a high school book fair. I hadn’t bought anything.

As she was hanging the poster, she looked at me puzzled and said, “What are you saving your money for? Do you want to buy a sports car when you turn 16 or something?”

The idea of buying a sports car had crossed my mind. But, really, I was saving for reasons beyond a sports car. I wanted to fill my piggy bank so I could buy him a brother. Then I’d fill that one. I wanted a whole dang army of piggy banks.

At an early age, I realized money is ever-present in our society. That’s a cute way of saying: It’s freakin’ important! If you have money, you have security, freedom, and peace of mind. Essentially, saving money gives you power, whereas spending money takes your power away. Power is worth far more to me than a sports car — even though my sister thought I was crazy.

Fast-forward to today. Because I don’t spend money needlessly, life is grand! I don’t worry about debt or jobs or bills. Security, freedom, and peace of mind are all very present.

If these things are missing in your life, you may be a spender. But, hey, at least you realize you’re a spender. That’s really important! That’s honestly the hardest part of becoming a saver — realizing you’re currently a spender. So good job!

But what you should really know is how to become a saver, so here goes:


Ten piggy banks of various colors and sizes lined up.

Are You Having a Tough Time Saving Money?

If you’re having trouble saving money, it’s probably because your mind is not 100% on board with the idea that saving money is AMAZING!

You need to change your mindset in order to go from a spender to a saver. You have to WANT to save. You shouldn’t feel like you HAVE to save. Because, truly, if you want to save, you’ll never have to save. You know what I mean?

No one does something for long unless they believe in it. Playing basketball may seem like a good idea to your parents, but if you don’t want to play yourself, the venture won’t last long. Same idea with saving money. It has to come from within. If you believe saving money is better than spending it, it will happen more easily.

If you’re looking for some more motivation, consider the fact that the happiest people I’ve ever met have been savers. Saving money can lead to more enjoyment in life overall.

Saving Is Easier Than Spending

Think about it: Each time you spend money, you have to decide what to buy, locate the item, pay for the item, find a place for the item, take care of the item, repair the item — it really turns into a hassle don’t you think?

If you choose to save instead of spend, it’s really a matter of not doing something rather than doing something. Taking care of a bank account is definitely the easier alternative. It’s also very freeing to limit your possessions. And, keep in mind, when you die, you can’t take all your items with you — so nothing material really matters in the end.

Make It a Habit

Now that you realize saving money is easy, you just have to do it. Here’s how to stay focused on what matters:

  • What future goals do you have in mind? You’re reading FQF, so I’ll assume you’re a pretty ambitious person. Do you want to start a business? Be able to pay for college with cash?
  • What is meaningful to you? Do you want to make a life-changing donation to your favorite charity? Travel the world?

With these questions in mind, focus on saving for these goals each time you are tempted to spend money. Pretty soon you’ll be asking, “What do I do with all this money?!”

In Summary

Keep in mind, I live a very comfortable life. I have a nice car, live in a nice house, and eat well. I have everything I need to be happy but, most importantly, nothing that I don’t need. Sometimes buying stuff is necessary, but it should spending should never become a habit. To find out more about my standard of living, read the article: How I Save 85% of My Income.

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