Top Money Saving Tip: If you conduct business internationally as I do, I’m sure you despise the high PayPal fees. Fortunately, there’s a solution. Some foreign exchange companies have lower percentage fees and charge no fixed fees on international wires. Sending money abroad and receiving money from abroad has never been cheaper. To browse recommended services, view this international money transfers database.

Where Can I Cash a MoneyGram? At These 15 Stores

MoneyGram’s are more convenient than checks because you don’t need a bank account and MoneyGram’s are generally free to cash. We say “generally” because although every single store we have found that cashes MoneyGram’s will do it...

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Walmart Personal Check Policy: Everything You Should Know

What does the Walmart personal check policy say anyway? This article will look at everything you need to know about the Walmart check writing policy by answering the following questions:   Does Walmart accept personal checks as a payment method? What is TeleCheck...

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26 Check Cashing Places Open on Sunday

Included in This Article: A list of convenience and grocery stores that can be used as places to cash checks on Sunday (it’s cheaper to cash checks at these stores than strictly check cashing stores) A list of check cashing places open on Sunday.   If any...

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Where Can I Reload My Green Dot Card? At These 14 Stores

What This Article Covers:   How to check the balance of a Green Dot card How to reload a Green Dot card + fee associated for each reloading method Green Dot refill locations   A Green Dot card is a prepaid debit card with no upfront fees, minimum balance,...

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Shopping Sites That Accept eChecks + Personal Checks

So who accepts checks online? What are the specific shopping sites that accept eChecks and personal checks? The good news is that there are online stores that accept checks and personal checks. Numerous online stores give shoppers the option to pay via check. Although...

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Car Rental Companies That Accept Cash Deposits: The List

Need a cash deposit car rental? Have no fear, you can make your deposit with cash! It’s more work / liability for the rental company if it lets you rent in cash, so not every one of them does it. Car rental companies that accept cash deposits are fairly rare....

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What Stores Accept Personal Checks? Here’s a Large List

What this article covers:   What stores accept personal checks broken down by category What arts and crafts stores accept checks What discount stores accept checks What electronics stores accept checks What restaurants accept checks Grocery stores that accept...

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Can You Cash a Check at an ATM? Can You Deposit?

What this article covers:   Can you cash a check at an ATM? Can you deposit a check at an ATM? Can you cash or deposit a check at any ATM? An overview of the check cashing/depositing rules of ATMs that belong to major banks   Hardly anyone uses checks these...

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Where Can I Cash a Money Order? At These 20+ Places

What’s covered in this article:   What are money orders? How do you buy a money order? Where can I cash a money order for free? What stores cash money orders? What money order cashing places are there?   Money orders are a simple form of payment....

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