How to Retire at 50: The Magic Formula

You’ve asked an interesting question. Asking how to retire at 50 must mean you have some pretty awesome future plans. Congratulations! I feel like retiring at 50 is the sweet spot. If you retire before 50, you miss out on a lot: a distinguished career, a... read more

How Much Should I Save for College?

You’re smart. I just want to say that right off the bat. Asking, “How much should I save for college?” is about the most responsible financial question ever. I respect you for asking this question. So out of respect I’ll do my best to give you... read more

At What Age Can You Rent a Car?

Most people assume you must be 25 to rent a car. Otherwise, you’ll get turned away at every car rental place in town. That’s what I thought until I Googled the subject for an hour and made a few phone calls. Now I know the truth. I’m writing this... read more

I’m Going to FinCon15!

On January 8th, I wrote about why 2015 is the year I focus on earning money, rather than saving money.   It’s because saving money is finite, making money is infinite. I had gotten pretty darn good at saving money but I wasn’t satisfied with my... read more

How to Use Loans to Eliminate Debt

Until recently, I would simply deal with a problem and fight hard until I was through to the other side. I wouldn’t try to really change the situation. What a miserable way to live!   For instance, most people just accept math is hard. They sign up for a... read more

How To Effectively Manage Your Credit Card Debt

I believe life is what you make of it. I’ve noticed that many people use words like ‘fate’ and ‘destiny’ as mere coping mechanisms. Their lives aren’t that great. Instead of working hard to improve their situation, they take comfort... read more

Stretching Your Entertainment Dollar

When funds get tight, there are two areas that are typically sacrificed first: Charity and entertainment. Some things are non-negotiable: We must eat, shelter ourselves, and communicate with the outside world. So philanthropy and fun take the hit.   But whatever... read more

What credit score do you need to buy a house?

A few weeks back, I got a super, super shiny Discover it card in the mail. It’s blue and it’s orange and I love it. Okay, love is a little strong but I’m really liking my first credit card.   I don’t ‘love’ it because of its... read more

I Run My Business, My Business Doesn’t Run Me

Hello, all!   As you may know, I read quite a lot of information about business. I decided a year or two ago this would be a good idea. Prior to this small epiphany, I would think of a great idea. I would be so enthusiastic about it. It was either a business... read more

Why Do Americans Drive Such Silly Cars?

This is probably something I first thought about when I had to buy my first tank of fuel. I found out what a miserable experience it was to buy something that would literally go up in smoke. I mean, I get it. I need to drive places and that takes fuel. But why spend a... read more


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