Make Your Own Engagement Ring: 3 Creative Options

There are so many reasons why it’s now popular to make your own engagement ring. Some people do it because they are aware and unapproving with the way many diamonds are mined. Some couples prefer a homemade ring because they are unique and more intimate than one... read more

High Dividend Mutual Funds: The 5 Highest Paying Funds

Dividends are an excellent source of passive income. High dividend mutual funds act as both a long-term and short-term investment. The long-term aspect is that your shares can increase in price. The short-term aspect is with dividends. You often only need to wait a... read more

Growth Stock Mutual Funds: 5 Top Performers Year after Year

Growth stock mutual funds are those that focus mainly on value appreciation rather than dividend payout. These mutual funds invest in young companies with high growth potential. Instead of paying dividends, growth firms reinvest that money for further growth.... read more

3 Year Anniversary Gifts for Him: 23 Timeless Options

Traditionally, the third wedding anniversary gift should be something that is made of leather, signifying the foundations of love in marriage – which, like leather, gets better with time. 3 year anniversary gifts for him actually aren’t too tricky to find.... read more

Modeling Jobs for Teenagers: A List of Legit Gigs

Most careers are hard to start as a teenager. Many careers require a college degree to begin. But modeling jobs for teenagers are readily available. Modeling is a career where getting started young is encouraged. Modeling jobs tend to pay very well too. It’s a... read more

“How Much Should I Spend on a Car?” The Simple Answer.

It’s easy to buy an expensive car. After all, you probably need a car. You rationalize it by saying it’s reliable, fun, safe, whatever.  Auto manufacturers are more than willing to help you think this way. Therefore, it’s a slippery slope. Pretty... read more

Highest Interest Savings Accounts (Updated Monthly)

The following post lists the highest interest savings accounts that are available for any citizen of the United States. This is important because there may be a few accounts out there which offer higher interest, but they will only be available for a very narrow... read more

Income Percentile by Age: How Do You Compare?

How well are you really doing? How much are your peers really making? Is it enough to justify their new car? Should you reward yourself because you’re doing amazingly well? Should you actually be working harder? Should you ask for a raise? Should you change... read more

Buying a House with Cash: Pros, Cons and How to Do It

Does buying a house with cash get you a better deal? It depends. Buying with cash is simple, keeps you from overspending and sometimes can even get you a deal just for using it. No matter the benefit that excites you most, is paying with cash the right choice for you?... read more

Highest Cost of Living in US

The United States is the third largest country, by population, on the planet. It’s only behind India and China where combined they have billions of people. The following post lists the highest cost of living in US by city. Here’s an idea why these cities... read more

Best Personal Finance App 2016

What can you expect from the best personal finance app? The following apps listed below will help you will save, invest and manage your money overall. What I like most about these apps is they create habits. Habits create change.   I’ll give my favorite... read more


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