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This blog tells the story of how I graduated college with $100,000 in savings. And it continues today as I’m in my mid-twenties and continue to earn, spend, invest, and save like crazy! I use my past and present experiences to give you tested advice for building wealth early in life. You wouldn’t take health advice from a couch potato, would you? Start here!


How I Chose My First Credit Card!

This post tells the story of how I chose my first credit card. I’m writing this post as I search for the best credit card for my situation. Hopefully it can help you when you’re finding your first (as I am) or a new credit card. Let’s hold hands and... read more

Your Net Worth Shouldn’t Matter

This post is about breaking things down to a smaller level.   See, as my income rises, my tendency to care about small amounts of money diminishes. I think that’s natural. I keep thinking that if my net worth is high, what does a new laptop really matter?... read more

Creative Ways to Make Money

Making Money with Staying Power I’ve always found that two things really help when you’re determined to make money. The first of these is staying power. Earning money is a bit like trying to lose weight – it’s something that you do over time, with focus – rather than... read more

Reasons to Study Finance

On the face of it, finance might not grab you as the most exciting topic imaginable. Pricing, investing, budgeting… it all sounds like an awful lot of spreadsheets and a distinct lack of fun.   But for those in the know, checking out the finance courses at a... read more

The Easiest Way to File Your Taxes?

What’s the easiest way to file your taxes?   Today I’m finally doing my taxes. Although I enjoy personal finance, I still dread this time of year. It’s a mix of emotions. As much as I’d like it not to be true, paying taxes isn’t fun... read more

33 Things to Remember When Building a Website

Building a website isn’t easy. But it comes with continual rewards that become motivating. Of course, continual rewards are a result of many steps to complete. Here’s a to-do list to use when building a site.   As you probably know, I bought another... read more

The Pros and Cons of Renting a Furnished Space

The following is a guest post provided by Jennifer Riner of Zillow.   ***   Fully-furnished spaces are most common in vacation homes and short-term properties. Typically, apartments with 12-month or longer leases come unfurnished. However, private owners... read more

My Business Goes Where I Go

About 4 years ago, I was staying at The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado with my family. It’s a neo-Georgian hotel located at the base of the Rocky Mountains. My room was above the room Stephen King was staying in when he first visited the hotel. It’s... read more

Is It Easy to Sell on eBay?

Probably the older I get, the less ‘stuff’ I want lying around in my life. The old saying comes to mind, ‘A cluttered desk is a cluttered mind.’ Also, I understand the concept of opportunity cost. Depreciating assets are of no use to me.  ... read more

Average Net Worth by Age Group

Have you ever wondered how you stack up against your peers? Are you doing better financially than they are? Are you falling behind the class? If you’re an American, here’s how to find out. This article reveals the average net worth by age group.  ... read more


Hey, I'm Will! This is my personal finance blog. I'm a blog manager, PF freelance writer, and digital marketer.

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