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This blog tells the story of how I graduated college with $100,000 in savings. And it continues today as I’m in my mid-twenties and continue to earn, spend, invest, and save like crazy! I use my past and present experiences to give you tested advice for building wealth early in life. You wouldn’t take health advice from a couch potato, would you? Subscribe, then start here! P.S. I’m terrible at a lot of stuff – just not money.


Side Hustle Scare

7 commentsThe Harder You Work, The Easier It Gets For the past month I’ve been working 12-hour days harvesting on my family’s farm. Hard work and high commodity prices the last several years have yielded a lot of shiny new equipment for us to operate. New combines,... read more

Simple Way to Undo Money Mistakes

9 commentsWe’ve all made stupid choices about how to spend money. When I was 18, I was shopping for a college laptop. One restless morning at 4AM, I decided to go shopping online. I ‘bought’ a laptop off Craigslist – which turned out to be a scam. This... read more

I Had $16,500 of Debt as a Teenager

24 commentsWhen you first come across this blog, my life looks fantastic. Money comes in, money is saved, and financial independence isn’t a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’. I have a net worth higher than the average adult in the US and I’m only 24.... read more


Thanks for being here! Besides talking money, I like building websites, being outdoors, wrenching on cars, cycling, eating, running, spending hours on YouTube, and meeting successful people. And yes, I now realize my life is full of contradictions. I'm a little weird. But who isn't?

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