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This blog tells the story of how I graduated college with $100,000 in savings. And it continues today as I’m in my mid-twenties and continue to earn, spend, invest, and save like crazy! I use my past and present experiences to give you tested advice for building wealth early in life. You wouldn’t take health advice from a couch potato, would you? Subscribe, then start here! P.S. I’m terrible at a lot of stuff – just not money.


Brand Loyalty: Are You a Switcher?

19 commentsDoes brand loyalty impact your purchasing decisions? I drive a ’99 Mitsubishi Eclipse. I love the car. But I live in the middle of ‘merica and that means Ford’s and Chevy’s rule the land. People have said some pretty ignorant things about my... read more

My Lazy Investment Portfolio

24 commentsI started investing at the tender age of 10. I was terrible with it at first. I lost most of my money due to insider trading and 9/11. I’ll tell that story next week.   But today, I’m proficient at investing thanks to resources like bogleheads.org and... read more

My RestauRANT: 900% Markup?!

40 commentsLast night I dropped $90 on about $15 worth of food. Why? I went to a restaurant! Going to a restaurant sounds innocent enough but man getting into this habit can kill your bank account!   Many independent restaurants aim for a 300% markup or 4x the cost of raw... read more

5 Hacks for Big City Life

16 commentsForeword by Will: I’ve lived in Nebraska my entire life.  The largest city I’ve lived in is Omaha (pop. 421,000).  So for a post about big city living advice, I needed to bring in an expert.  And to me, an expert is someone who’s ‘been there,... read more


Thanks for being here! Besides talking money, I like building websites, being outdoors, wrenching on cars, cycling, eating, running, spending hours on YouTube, and meeting successful people. And yes, I now realize my life is full of contradictions. I'm a little weird. But who isn't?

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