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This blog tells the story of how I graduated college with $100,000 in savings. And it continues today as I’m in my mid-twenties and continue to earn, spend, invest, and save like crazy! I use my past and present experiences to give you tested advice for building wealth early in life. You wouldn’t take health advice from a couch potato, would you? Subscribe, then start here! P.S. I’m terrible at a lot of stuff – just not money.


Buying Farmland: A Good Investment?

2 commentsIs buying farmland a good investment?   I have a friend whose father buys a lot of farmland. He went from having $0 to a net worth of about $50 million in the span of 30 years. Warren Buffett even owns a big plot of land a few hours from me.   So put on your... read more

Overcoming ‘Analysis Paralysis’

8 commentsThere used to be this crazy thing happening to me. I would spend all day with my head in multiple projects. I would work for hours and hours until I became too tired to keep going. To the unknowing observer, it looked like I was getting a lot done. I would get up only... read more

How to Rid Your Desire for a New Car

16 commentsI drive a ’99 Mitsubishi Eclipse with 179,000 miles (pictured above). And you know what? I have absolutely NO DESIRE to get a new car. And I’ve been happy with this make and model since I was 16 and I got one as my first car!   Don’t get me... read more

Car Stealerships

14 commentsA car dealership stealership is no place to buy a car. Why? I’m glad you asked! There are tons of reasons!   A few days ago, my sister said that a car dealership made her cry. After browsing around the showroom, the sales person pressured her into buying a... read more

Side Hustle Scare

19 commentsThe Harder You Work, The Easier It Gets For the past month I’ve been working 12-hour days harvesting on my family’s farm. Hard work and high commodity prices the last several years have yielded a lot of shiny new equipment for us to operate. New combines,... read more

Simple Way to Undo Money Mistakes

22 commentsWe’ve all made stupid choices about how to spend money. When I was 18, I was shopping for a college laptop. One restless morning at 4AM, I decided to go shopping online. I ‘bought’ a laptop off Craigslist – which turned out to be a scam. This... read more


I'm 24 and I'm obsessed with becoming financially independent! It means getting to the point where I can live entirely off passive income. Money will no longer be a concern. I blog about everything that goes along with becoming FI: developing income streams, investing, and saving, and more. Read along to see what I'm doing so you can replicate it.

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