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This blog tells the story of how I graduated college with $100,000 in… savings.  3 years later, at age 24, I continue to earn, spend, invest, and save like crazy!  I use my past and present experiences to give you tested advice for building wealth early in life.  You wouldn’t take fitness advice from a couch potato, would you?  Subscribe, then start here!


My RestauRANT: 900% Markup?!

Last night I dropped $90 on about $15 worth of food. Why? I went to a restaurant! Going to a restaurant sounds innocent enough but man getting into this habit can kill your bank account!   Many independent restaurants aim for a 300% markup or 4x the cost of raw... read more

5 Hacks for Big City Life

Foreword by Will: I’ve lived in Nebraska my entire life.  The largest city I’ve lived in is Omaha (pop. 421,000).  So for a post about big city living advice, I needed to bring in an expert.  And to me, an expert is someone who’s ‘been there,... read more

How to MAKE Money with Back-to-School Shopping

Here’s how to convince your parents to happily give you fistfuls of cash while back-to-school shopping!  It really works, I’m not joking.  I used this approach to pocket a lot of extra cash when I was younger.   Tell your parents that instead of... read more

20 Reasons We Should All Drive Manual Cars

It’s summer!  That means you’re probably having fun spending money on fuel!  Whhhaaat?  You don’t find that fun?  Okay, here’s a way to actually have fun while reducing the most boring spending category imaginable…   Most cars were... read more

How Elon Musk Can Revolutionize Your Finances

He’s already revolutionized personal finance by creating PayPal.  But he’s recently shared an even bigger contribution to the world of personal finance.   Billionaire Elon Musk, age 43, became wealthy by creating some of the most innovative and... read more

How I Spend $75 Per Month on (Healthy!) Groceries

Alrighty, ladies and gents.  I just got done snapping this pic of the coupons I’ve used this week to save money on groceries.  Personally, I find the topic of grocery shopping for savings to be a bit dry.  But awhile back I mentioned I only spend about $75/month... read more

Marshmallows: The Power of Delayed Gratification

You know, sometimes in life we just gotta spend money.  Life in the modern world has a certain set of requirements we must meet if we want to live in this moment of history.  We all have to wear clothing.  And have you tried to function without a cell phone?  Near... read more
3d9bc4b8-f4d7-4d53-a9d7-61d14910b0ae_zpsadb59424 Thanks for being here! Besides making monies, I like spending hours on YouTube, being outside (strange as that combo may seem), cycling, traveling, eating, eating while traveling.... Tell me what you like!

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