Where to Buy Guinea Fowl

Here’s where to buy Guinea fowl. Guinea fowl (also called Guinea hens) can be purchased both in person at local farms, flea markets, and farmer’s markets, as well as online through dedicated breeders and bird vendors. Guinea fowl are often kept as livestock. Both their eggs and meat can be eaten, and, since they primarily subsist on insects and rodents, they’re highly regarded as live pest control. Guinea fowl also have a loud call and are quite vocal, which can scare off predatory animals and alert owners to any dangers.

Where to Buy Guinea Fowl (In Person)

Purchasing birds in person gives you the best chance of knowing exactly what you’re getting. It also ensures the birds’ health and wellness by avoiding a potentially stressful shipping situation. Keep in mind, guinea fowl are seasonal egg-layers, so they typically won’t always be available; they’re generally hatched and sold over the summer months, as well as in late spring and early fall. Here’s where to look for guinea fowl in your area:

Farmers Markets and Flea Markets

Guinea fowl are frequently available at farmers markets and flea markets where other types of livestock and birds are sold. For example, guinea fowl breeder Flint River Guinea regularly attends Smiley’s Flea Market in Macon, Ga. Check community bulletin boards and calendars (through your city’s chamber of commerce and/or local libraries) to find out when and where farmers markets and flea markets are held in your area. Facebook can also be a handy tool for discovering local events.

Local Farms

Bird vendors and breeders who attend farmers markets and flea markets also often sell chicks directly from their farms. You can search for guinea fowl farms in your area.

Poultry Swaps

Some communities have poultry-specific trade events, where farmers gather to sell and trade their birds. For example, various Florida poultry swaps regularly occur on the first or second Saturday of the month. PoultryShowCentral.com is a great resource for bird-trading events.


You can find just about anything on Craigslist, and guinea fowl are no exception. Check the “farm+garden” section under “for sale” and the “pets” section under “community.” (Or, simply search for “guinea fowl.”)

Where to Buy Guinea Fowl (Online)

It is possible to purchase guinea fowl online. The chicks, or “keets,” can either be shipped to your home or, in some cases, picked up after purchase. Here are some online vendors that sell guinea fowl:

Cackle Hatchery

  • How to purchase: Submit a Cackle Hatchery order online. Birds are sold as baby keets and minimum/maximum quantities may apply. You can have your order shipped or you can pick it up at the farm.
  • Location: Lebanon, Mo.
  • Details: Birds are unsexed and hatch weekly from May to August. Submit orders early for summer arrival. Shipment to Hawaii and Alaska is available, but may come at an upcharge.
  • Source: Cackle Hatchery

Guinea Farm

Stromberg’s Chicks & Game Birds Unlimited

How to Choose and Care for Guinea Fowl

According to PoultryKeeper.com, it’s a good idea to choose young keets or hatching eggs, as adult birds can be difficult to settle in a new environment. When purchasing eggs, keep in mind that they take 26 to 28 days to hatch and must be incubated during that period. Newly-hatched chicks and keets should be kept under a brooding lamp to ensure proper body temperature. They should be fed turkey starter or game bird starter in order to get the necessary level of protein.

In Summary

That’s where to buy guinea pig hens. Keeping guinea fowl is a natural way to keep pests at bay and stay alert of any intruders or predators. Guinea fowl are fairly common and available for purchase both in person and online through dedicated breeders and bird vendors.

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