Safeway has grown since the early 1900’s to become a well-known name in grocery retail. The company began with a single store in a small town in Idaho, which was purchased by M.B. Skaggs from his father. Since its beginning more than a century ago, all the way through a merger with Albertsons in January 2015, the main focus of the company has been providing excellent value for its customers. Today, the merged company has over 2,200 stores in 33 states and the District of Columbia.

Does Safeway check cashing exist? Yes. Besides being able to cash a payroll check, you can also purchase a money order, send and receive money through Western Union, or use the bill pay services offered. Yes, Western Union Safeway’s exist. Other money-related services offered at Safeway include a prepaid phone plan and customized gift cards (you can even exchange gift cards for cash at Safeway).

In this article, we will give you an analysis of the monetary services offered at Safeway stores, how these services work, and where to find the nearest Safeway location. We’ll also provide a listing of similar stores that offer check cashing and money orders.

Included In This Article:

  • How to get a money order at Safeway

  • Safeway Check Cashing

  • Safeway Gift Cards (and converting gift cards for cash at Safeway)

  • Bill pay services at Safeway

  • Cash in your coins with Coinstar at Safeway

  • Similar stores with money order and check cashing services

  • And More…

Does Safeway Have Western Union? the Safeway Western Union Collaboration Explained

Western Union Safeway’s exist. These money orders allow you a way to send money or make a payment without having the same type of private information from a personal check disclosed and with more security than sending cash. You can buy a money order at Safeway from the Customer Service desk. Note: Safeway MoneyGram’s do not exist, Safeway uses Western Union.

  • Cost for money orders: 59 cents
  • Maximum limit: $500.00.
  • Payment type accepted: Cash only. Debit cards, credit cards, and checks are not accepted payment methods for purchasing a money order.
  • Find a Safeway location.

Note that Safeway Western Union hours are limited to customer service hours. Customer service almost always has shorter hours than the rest of the store. Many Safeway customer service desks close at 7 PM.

Does Safeway Cash Money Orders?

The short answer: Maybe. While this information isn’t specified on the Safeway website, we reached out to Safeway customer support and found that some Safeway stores will cash money orders, but the policies and fees vary widely. Depending on the store, Safeway may cash a MoneyGram money order, a Western Union money order, or no money orders at all. If you have a money order that you need to be cashed, we recommend using the Safeway store finder and calling into that location directly to find out whether money orders are cashed and what the applicable fees and limits are. What if your local Safeway store doesn’t cash money orders? Check out the other available options in our article about where to cash a money order.

Sending and Receiving Money with Western Union

Safeway is a Western Union partner, so you can visit the Customer Service desk to send or receive a Western Union money transfer. The person on the receiving end of the transfer can pick up the money at a Western Union agent location (like Safeway). In certain countries, money can be deposited in a bank account or received in a mobile wallet.

Cost for Western Union money transfer: Fees start at $4.99. You can estimate the price of your transaction on the Western Union website.

Safeway Check Cashing

Does Safeway cash checks? Yes, Safeway check cashing does exist. Safeway will cash non-personal checks, such as government and payroll checks, but does not accept third party checks. Specific policies about the types of checks accepted may vary by location. For specific questions, we recommend contacting the nearest Safeway store to verify that the store will be able to cash your particular check.

  • Types of checks cashed: Non-personal, printed checks (government, payroll, etc.)
  • Cost for check cashing: $2.25 for every $200 cashed
  • Maximum limit: $1,499

In addition to getting a check cashed, customers can also write a personal check to pay for their grocery purchases, and can even get cash back by overwriting the amount owed. Safeway customers may do this for up to a maximum of $25 cash back over the order total.

What Types of Gift Cards Can You Get at Safeway?

Safeway has over 300 gift cards available. Cards are offered from multiple retailers, including prepaid credit cards, and they can be purchased either in store or online through partner company Gift Card Mall. Available gift card types include:

  • Leading retailers and restaurants
  • Prepaid cards for digital gaming and online entertainment
  • Visa, MasterCard, and American Express gift cards
  • Sports cards from major leagues and teams
  • Ticket cards for theme parks, ski resorts, and more

Online shoppers at the Gift Card Mall can even personalize the gift card with their photo, which adds a special touch. The Gift Card Mall provides gift cards from a wide variety of retailers, including:

  • ToysRUs
  • Build-A-Bear Workshop
  • Forever 21
  • Nordstrom
  • IHop
  • Gap
  • EBay
  • Amazon
  • Safeway (of course)
  • Home Depot
  • Game Stop
  • And Many More

Gift Card Limits: When paying with a credit card, customers are limited to four gifts cards or $200 per day. If paying with a debit card, customers are limited to 20 gift cards or $2,000 per day, unless authorized by a manager at the store.

How to Check Safeway Gift Card Balance

To do a Safeway gift card balance check, you must call Safeway at 1 (877) 258-2799 or visit customer service.

Bill Pay Services at Safeway

Customers can pay bills in person at Safeway through the C-Pay service offered at the stores. This service makes it convenient to send payments for credit cards, car payments, rent, mortgage, utilities, and more. Just go to the Customer Service desk, and from there, a Safeway associate can search the extensive database of payees to see if the one you need is there. If the payee is part of the C-Pay system, you will be able to pay your bill and receive a proof of payment in just minutes.

Gas Rewards Points at Safeway

Safeway is one of the retailers that offers rewards points for discounts on gas purchases at Safeway gas stations. When you shop at Safeway and use your Club Card at checkout, you earn one point for every dollar spent on groceries or pharmacy items, and two points for each dollar spent on qualifying gift cards.

  • How it works: Points are redeemed in increments of 100: 100 points = 10¢ per gallon savings
  • Do points expire?: Point totals less than 100 expire at the end of the calendar month in which they were earned. Point totals over 100 are good until the end of the following calendar month after they were earned (for example, points earned in June are good until the end of July).
  • Find the nearest Safeway gas station.

Safeway Fast Forward Debit Card

In select California locations, customers can sign up for the Safeway Fast Forward Debit Card, which provides twice as many gas rewards points for every dollar spent. The card allows you to pay for groceries at Safeway with your existing checking account and links to your Safeway Club Card to give you the same benefits.

Users can redeem up to $1 off per gallon in rewards at participating Chevron, Texaco, and Safeway gas stations. Just swipe your Club Card or enter your phone number at the pump.

Fast Forward is available at these California Safeway locations:

  • Alamo
  • Anderson
  • Antioch
  • Bay Point
  • Brentwood
  • Burney
  • Cameron Park
  • Carmichael
  • Chico
  • Citrus Heights
  • Clayton
  • Concord
  • Danville
  • Discovery Bay
  • Dublin
  • El Dorado Hills
  • Elk Grove
  • Fair Oaks
  • Folsom
  • Jackson
  • Lincoln
  • Livermore
  • Lodi
  • Madera
  • Manteca
  • Martinez
  • Modesto
  • Moraga
  • Orinda
  • Paradise
  • Placerville
  • Pleasant Hill
  • Pleasanton
  • Pollock Pines
  • Rancho Cordova
  • Redding, Rocklin
  • Roseville
  • Sacramento
  • San Ramon
  • Sonora
  • Stockton
  • Tracy
  • Turlock
  • Walnut Creek
  • West Sacramento

Do you see your local Safeway on this list? Sign up for the Fast Forward program.

Prepaid Phone Plans at Safeway

If you need to pick up a prepaid phone with a pay-as-you-go plan, you can find one at Safeway. You can buy a smartphone with an unlimited use prepaid plan and activate it right there in the store, with no long-term contracts or credit check required. Long distance and international calling options are also available. With TracFone, for example, customers can select 60 minutes of a talk, text, data combination. Visit your local Safeway for more information about available prepaid phone plans.

Cash In Your Change with Coinstar at Safeway

Another handy service offered at Safeway locations are the Coinstar machines that allow you to dump all your spare change into a machine and get paper money back.

  • Cost for Coinstar: A 10.9% fee applies for cash. Fees may vary by location. You can also choose a no-fee gift card or charity donation option.
  • How you get your money:  When the kiosk is done the counting, you’ll receive a cash voucher. Get cash for your voucher at the checkout or at the customer service desk.

Other Grocery Stores With Money Order and Check Cashing Services

If Safeway isn’t in your town or isn’t convenient for you, there are a number of other grocery stores that offer similar financial services so you can both shop and take care of financial transactions at the same place.



  • Money orders sold: Yes
  • Check cashing: Yes — payroll checks, government checks, tax return checks, and insurance checks.
  • Prepaid phones: Yes
  • Find out more about Kroger money services
  • Find a Kroger


  • Money orders sold: Yes
  • Check cashing: Yes — payroll, tax refund, and government checks up to $2,000, as well as two-party personal checks up to $500.
  • Prepaid phones: Yes
  • Find out more about Kmart money services
  • Find a Kmart


  • Money orders sold: Yes
  • Check cashing: Yes — payroll checks and personal checks.
  • Prepaid phones: Yes (plans, not phones)
  • Find out more about Publix money services
  • Find a Publix

Stop & Shop


  • Money orders sold: Yes
  • Check cashing: At some locations
  • Prepaid phones: Yes
  • Find out more about Vons money services
  • Find a Vons


  • Money orders sold: Yes
  • Check cashing: Yes — payroll, tax checks, government checks, cashier’s checks, insurance settlement checks, retirement reimbursement checks, and MoneyGram orders that were purchased at Walmart up to $5,000. No personal checks accepted.
  • Prepaid phones: Yes
  • Find out more about Walmart money services
  • Find a Walmart

Safeway Western Union, Safeway Check Cashing, Safeway Gift Cards, and More: Conclusion

There are a lot of things you can do at Safeway besides mere grocery shopping. These stores offer quite a few money-related services, such as sending money via Western Union transfer, paying bills, cashing a government or payroll check, or buying a money order. It’s also good to know that you can write a personal check for your groceries for up to $25 cash back. Customers have both in-store and online options to purchase gift cards from over 300 retailers. And if you use the online option, you can even upload your own photo to be printed onto the gift card. Safeway’s gas rewards bonuses can be useful to save money at the pump, and if you have some spare change that’s been collecting dust in a jar, you can cash it in at a Coinstar machine in a local Safeway. If you’re in need of money related services, you need look no further than a local Safeway grocery store.