Does Sonic Sell Ice? What to Know: Price, If It Comes in Bags, etc

Sonic is famous for more than just its burgers and milkshakes. In fact, this chain restaurant’s ‘nugget’ ice has become famous in its own right, with countless customers flocking to Sonic drive-ins in search of bagged nugget ice to take home and enjoy. Want to get your hands on some of these little frozen gems? Does Sonic sell ice by itself? Keep reading…

Why Is Sonic’s Ice so Popular?

What kind of ice does sonic have? Sonic doesn’t have your typical ice cubes. In fact, if you get a refreshing beverage at Sonic, chances are it’s being chilled with Sonic’s famous nugget ice.

What makes this ice so delectable — and addictive? For starters, it’s much drier than traditional ice, which allows it to readily absorb the flavor of the drink. While traditional ice is made by freezing water into hard cubes, nugget ice is made by scraping the ice flakes off the inside of a chilled stainless steel cylinder. The texture of this ice not only blends well with frozen drinks, but for many, it’s a pleasure to chew.

Does Sonic Sell Bags of Ice?

While it’s easy to slide into one of Sonic’s car bays and order a cold beverage topped with nugget ice, for many people, this treat just isn’t enough to satisfy. Due to demand for nugget ice, many Sonic locations have begun offering bagged nugget ice for customers who want to hoard it in their freezers and enjoy it every day.

While you won’t find any information regarding Sonic ice on their website, it’s commonplace to find online discussion boards and social media posts littered with comments about which Sonic locations sell bagged nugget ice. We found that most Sonic locations do sell nugget ice by the bag, either in a 5- or 10-pound bag. Some Sonic locations also sell cups of ice with the purchase of a Route 44 cup (their largest drink size).

How Much Is a Bag of Ice at Sonic?

While we found that many locations offered Sonic ice by the bag, the price-per-bag tends to vary. We called the following Sonic locations to find out the price for their bags of ice:

  • East Meadow, NY: $4.33 for a 10-pound bag
  • Hasbrouck Heights, NJ: $2.45 for a 10-pound bag
  • Monte Vista, CA: $2.82 for a 10-pound bag
  • Chicago, IL: $2.75 for a 5-pound bag
  • Palm Bay, FL: $2.46 for a 10-pound bag (also sells a Route 44 Cup of ice for $0.27)

Can You Bring Your Own Container to Fill?

While some customers have said they were able to bring their own container and have it filled with Sonic ice, we were unable to find any Sonic location that offers this service.

Tips For Purchasing Sonic Ice

  1. Nugget ice will melt faster than traditional ice because the surface area is smaller. If you have a long drive, or it’s a particularly warm day, it’s probably a good idea to bring along a cooler for transport.
  2. Call your local Sonic in advance before heading out to purchase ice. Not all Sonic restaurants sell bagged ice, and among those that do, it is not always available.

Other Ways to Get Sonic-Like Ice

Live too far from a Sonic, or hate to make a special trip to get the nugget ice you love? You may want to consider purchasing an ice maker that makes nugget ice. We found a few ice makers on Amazon for about $100 that make ice cubes which, according to customer reviews, are very similar to Sonic’s nuggets.

You may also want to check out other places that sell bagged ice. You may be able to find a brand of crushed ice that is similar to Sonic’s nuggets.

In Summary

Sonic’s nugget ice can be purchased by the bag or by the cup at many Sonic locations. Remember to call ahead to confirm that your local Sonic sells bagged nugget ice and that it has some in-stock and ready to go. If you want to avoid the hassle of purchasing bags of Sonic ice, consider purchasing an ice maker that produces this type of ice. Suggested reading: Does Sonic Take Apply Pay?

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